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Chennai Tissue Paper Manufacturer

Perfect for Public Washrooms, Office Buildings, Hotels, Schools, Healthcare Facilities and Restaurants

   Tissue Paper Manufacturer Chennai.Tissue is a Perfect, Fair  option for high traffic Washrooms such as Public places and Commercial Buildings. Each jumbo-sized roll is 1,000 ft Length, which trim  maintenance time and reduce  on outs. Breaks up three times faster than the Normal bathroom tissue.
Made from 99% recycled material, with minimum 70% post-consumer content.Thick, inodorous toilet tissue offers exceptional comfort and clout yet is safe for gutter.
Toilet tissue for any types businesses comes in many different combinations including  jumbo toilet tissue rolls. If you are a high volume office building or business , the best way is to get high capacity toilet paper and dispensers so You do not have to change them often.

Benefits of Tissue Papers:

Chennai Tissue Paper

  • Tissue Papers gives economical and useful hygiene benefits to humankind to improve health, comfort , hygiene and convenience.
  • Tissue paper is a great absorptive & also an ‘adsorbent.’ Therefore, the solid fragment  will adsorb to the exterior it’s in contact with and clean it. However, if the exterior of contact is watery it’s going to absorb the moisture and transfer it to your body.
  • Tissue paper is used by people to wipe their hands after they are done with their meals at a Hotels, food joint, restaurants and any party. This tissue does not cause any itching or rashes to one’s hands.